sick (of/in?) lab

Well, I was planning on putting up another picture of a glowing liquid for you all to stare at, but no such luck. I've been out with some virus for the better part of a week, and while it isn't all that bad, it has left me a little incoherent. So I haven't done too much benchwork lately. It just seemed like a bad idea. For one, being alone in the lab after hours is a little frightening sometimes. There is the usual fear of being the victim of a brutal murder, since there WAS a brutal murder in this same building some years ago. If there is an accident, and no one is around...I'll leave that to your imagination.
Now imagine that the person alone in the lab is an undergrad. If you are normally a little afraid of undergrads in your lab, this should be terrifying. (Never mind that I've worked alone nights/weekends in other labs without incident. It's still terrifying.) Further, the undergrad is sick to the point of near-delirium. Sound like a disaster waiting to happen? I agree. Which is why there is no picture up today. Next week is looking up, though...

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Ashutosh said...

Well, with so many possible impending incidents, you deserve to take it easy!