what do you want?

Alrightie! I've kept this "blog" thing up for close to a month and a half. Strangely enough, it seems that people are actually reading it. On the off-chance that I am boring you to death, here is your chance to speak up a little. (I thought about including an option for "Shut up until you graduate!," but decided I'd really rather not see how many people are that mean. So I included an option for "Kittens!" instead.)

What should I post more often?
Pictures from the lab!
Teeny little devices!
Anything in plain English since I don't speak Chemist!
Interesting papers!
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Jokerine said...

could you, maybe, get a lighter color text for easyer reading? please.

Otherwise good.


Mitch said...

Poll doesn't work for me. firefox2.0

Ashutosh said...

The 'vote now' button doesn't seem to work

Ψ*Ψ said...

OH! the poll doesn't work at all! I'll have to replace it.

milkshake said...

If any Disturbing Sicko is participating in this poll, he is going to like "Kittens + Teeny Little Devices"

felix said...

some easy reading "curiosities" like the solar cells, that's always nice