return to organicland

Apologies for the hiatus--I've been busy packing and flying home.[1] I have no pictures and no content for this post, but since I'm back in the land of brightly colored aromatic things, you can expect a nice picture within the next few days. There's something I'm working on that glows a bright green colour (oops, the green glow is from a byproduct, but it's still pretty when it's crude). If I am very lucky, you may also see some shiny red crystals. Everything I am working on is red. It's not intentional.

[1] I have no idea what Excimer is doing, but I suspect that the subject of the last post might have caused his head to asplode.


Uncle Al said...

First synner to honcho graphene living polymerization gets a lollipop. 400,000 carbons does it for 60 nm CPU architecture. Management will do the hard, remunerative work handling revenues.

Crystalline natural gaphite. Intercalcate Ziegler-Natta Lewis acids (Dow INSITE catalysts, maybe with methylaluminoxane). Add functionalized olefin to arbtrarily expand the layers. Use said functionalty to muck the polymer. Collect graphene. Million:1 polymer:catalyst yields are industrially routine. We must not allow America to suffer a graphene gap!

Ψ*Ψ said...

No graphene for me--that's all Excimer.

Vio said...

Interesting blog.

I'm from Singapore doing my PhD on organic solar cells, triplet-state exciton materials are one of the items on our menu. This blog rocks!

PS: I'm also a big fan of Slipknot and Lamb of God. Who said scientists don't dig heavy metal?