another quickie link post

If you need more carbon in your life, there are some cool animated mechanisms linked in a post over at Making Graphite Work.
Pictures tomorrow, I promise. It's been too long since I posted something colorful, hasn't it? Well, after a week back at the bench, I have something colorful to post (and, surprisingly, some crystals left in an old NMR tube...don't know how well the camera can catch them, though). Now you have something to look forward to. We're busy, since the beginning of the semester is upon us (and Excimer has an upcoming seminar), but I swear we're not on semi-hiatus.[1]

[1] Lazy bloggers! Lazy![2]
[2] I'm only saying this because I'd rather read than write.


Excimer said...

I'd rather write than read, but that's just me

mevans said...

AWWW! You linked to me! :-) :-) <3333333

I'm blushing.

Curious Wavefunction said...

I would rather be right than write

Ψ*Ψ said...

I've been looking for an excuse to link you for a while. Mostly because you keep complaining about your lack of readers. ;)