something I didn't know

Given my fascination with singlet oxygen, I absolutely have to direct you to this post on Khymos. Chemists who are also into homebrew should definitely check this out!

It's been a while since I looked at anything oxygen-related. Maybe soon I'll branch out from materials just a little and put something up on photodynamic therapy.


Matt Jenks said...

I actually knew that. I've often wondered if a few drops of bleach during the bottling would help. But then, in my opinion, Corona needs all the help it can muster.

Obviously in beers that are bottle-conditioned this wouldn't work, but for mass-produced macrobrews, one would expect this to be a help. Granted, if word ever got out that there was bleach in the beer...the horror. The media would be accusing A-B of not caring about the children, and that's always tragic.

ElwoodCity said...

Some companies hydrogenate over palladium to get rid of the thiol.

Sorry about the mis-attribution in the link :)