happy new year!

Instead of actual chemistry or even pictures[1], I present you with...the top five most random Google searches that ended up here:

5. ouch
Random? Kinda, I guess.

4. firearms curiosities
This one came out of Tehran, IIRC.

3. turns organic solvents pink
Something I would never have thought to google.

2. don't see wheels in carbon
Sounds completely off-the-wall unless you are a car enthusiast.

1. satan's solvent
My absolute favorite. I wonder which solvent they meant? Personally, I hate hate hate DMF.

Next year there will be ten instead of just five, and they will be more random. After all, CBC has only been alive for about three months. There's room for improvement. Thanks for reading, and here's hoping you start 2007 hangover-free! [2]

[1] because I've been lazy and haven't been in the lab

[2] Otherwise, I hear all the sharp pointy hexagons in the background hurt your head.


Milo said...

Oh come on, DMF rocks! A protic, and polar! What more could you want. All you need is a rotavap hooked to a good vacuum pump...

Ψ*Ψ said...

After watching the slow decline of my vacuum pump over the past 2 months or so after fixing it, I'm reluctant to abuse it at all. I'm also likely to hurt the next person who breaks it, considering I hadn't used it for a few days before it apparently gave out last time.

milkshake said...

If you have extra $1900-2000 that you can spend, Fisher Maxima M12C pump rocks in my opinion (two-stage direct drive, >210L/min, not very loud, handles continuous run well)

DMF can dissolve you shoes if you don't watch out :)

I think Devil's solvent is some corrosive molten-salt mixture that Uncle Al was trying to use in his diamond-growing experiments.

Ψ*Ψ said...

i like wearing shoes!
molten things as solvents are really fun. (pictures coming next time i run that reaction.)