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A new column by Dylan Stiles is out! Go read it!

Also, go vote for your favourite chemistry blog. The poll is all the way over on the right side. Owing to Mitch's colourblindness, you may have to highlight the whole thing in order to read any of the text.

On a somewhat-related note, ChemBark is taking nominations for the 2006 Chemmy Awards.

While it is the end-of-year holiday season, I can't seem to stay out of the lab. So, posting will be light over the next week or two, but you will get to see some nice shiny crystals here in a few days.


jokerine said...

Hi I'm also in the lab for some of the holidays.

May your crystals always grow in singular goodness.


een of andere vent said...

I will be in the lab as well, it is great! Don't have to wait for the NMR or LCMS, and can use 12 rotavaps (I can, but I don't need it.)

Happy Crystalmis

Ψ*Ψ said...

See, the downside here is that the GC/MS isn't up over the break. It has taken a lot of abuse (not from me!) and needs service.
Happy Crystalmas to you as well!