It's nice to set up a reaction and know very soon thereafter that it's working. In my case, it's also rare, since I'm clueless and have an exceptional talent for screwing up whenever it is possible to do so. Apparently, this is about what they expect for undergrads trying to do anything involving organic synthesis. (Molecular biology? Analytical chemistry? Spectroscopy sans lasers? All fine. But here I get the feeling that my group members think I'm out to kill them. I wouldn't have to make it look like an accident, either...)
Anyway, today's bit of fun is just a Grignard. Assuming the condenser doesn't stop running (always a possibility in this building), I'll add the substrate tomorrow evening or Sunday, and it will immediately turn a lovely shade of green. This time I'm posting a picture. (Bright colors are a rarity in some labs...but not this one.)
By the way, check out the 'stache. It almost looks like something small and furry is trying to crawl up his nose.

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